Saturday, December 30, 2006

From Green Nuclear Butterfly...Entergy and NuStart Trying to STEAL Green Movement

This should surprise me, but it does not...seems that the evil demon spawn with the Nuclear Industry have realized their aging and decrepit fleet of Holocaustic Style Nuclear Reactors are the sign of a dying industry, and they want to give it a rebirth, a new green born again set of Christian Reactors if you will. How do they plan to accomplish this? STEAL THE MANTLE of Environmentally and Green from the grassroots, and claim it as their own, exchange No Nukes for no CO2...after all, what are a few meltdowns and nuclear proliferation when compared to Global far, it's working too, as they have gotten the Republican Congress to give them almost one quarter of a BILLION DOLLARS to research NEW REACTORS...another perfect example of our tax dollars propping up the industry.

To Defeat Your Enemy, Become Your Enemy... How Nuclear Industry is Trying To Steal GREEN MOVEMENT

Nuclear Plants...A Modern Day Holocaust Waiting To Happen... Could Your Community Be One of The Chosen Ones?

The 100 plus Nuclear Reactors in America are all old, aging, even decaying relics from a failed and dying industry, and Corporate Nuclear Energy Titans intend to change that by seeing the Nuclear Age here in America experience a renaissance. To accomplish this miracle though, they need the world's largest propaganda campaign to sell a dubious and skeptical public, especially in those communities they have targeted as the NEW HOSTS of these planned New Age Reactors...too do this, they have devised one of the most sinister plots since Hitler's Third Reich...they want to STEAL THE GREEN MOVEMENT and make it their own, all the while getting citizens to pay for it through MASSIVE subsidies compliments of our government and elected officials.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

In Response To Email...Setting Boundary Lines

You see, the area around Chernobyl is not so different from that surrounding Indian Point.
This blog went up over night, and when I checked the email around noon today, there was an email from someone who wants to remain invisible. The long and short of said correspondence was to suggest I should put my efforts into more productive pursuits within the movement, and went so far as to pose the questions, "Are you Crazy?" Respecting the writer's desire to remain secret, not posting the letter, but thought I would share my response here:


First, thanks for the compliment...I once was one of the best EIS readers in the ANTI NUKE grassroots when I lived in Ohio.

As to my digging might want to read the story that was just posted on another blog, as I think you would enjoy it.

We agree on one thing...Indian Point is the battle ground, it is where the grassroots needs to take their stand, but the question is perhaps, " will they?" I have been out of the movement FOR YEARS HERE, as I simply got TIRED, and went broke. It's how the other side wins....they use their money and time to simply WEAR YOU DOWN. I have NO IDEA what others are (or are not) doing, as I have been out of it, but made the decision about six weeks ago that I had to come out of hiding, and fight if you will, one last fight. Indian Point is wrong, wrong for our community, wrong for the environment, and wrong for America.

As for your suggestions about the direction I should head in, or the activities I should put my energies into. No one pays me, they never have...let's both be honest, contrary to popular myth, being a serious grassroots warrior is not fun, not profitable, sometimes puts your very life in danger, and rarely makes you famous. The movie, "Erin Brockovich" could have been written about me if the leading character were a male, except that I never got rich, never became famous...I did though have the death threats, did get run off the road, even went to a public hearing one night where they had stationed sharp shooters on the roof of the building as they (NRC) feared an incident. My efforts led to the NRC ordering a $70 Million Dollar clean up at the site of one of their licensees.

I would have liked to have had 1/10th of one percent of that money, as then I would have at least come close to recouping the life savings I invested into that fight. In short, I've seen too many in the movement be too nice, and spin their wheels while accomplishing NOTHING, and unless I have a real good reason to take orders from others, not about to do so. I've spent 50 years being a loose cannon, but a LETHAL ONE. I learned a long time ago, that most of those BIG ORGANIZATIONS like Riverkeeper, Greenpeace and the Sierra Club have their own Bureaucratic stupidity, and stiflingly set of rules intended to preserve themselves at all costs...they will NOT take on a fight unless they A) know there is a lot of GOOD publicity in it for them, and B) they have a 100 percent chance of winning. That's why they are not playing i"n your face smash mouth football" with Entergy, the NRC and the industry. In this game, the other side has far more resources than even these groups can bring to bear. It's WRONG THINKING, but it is the way they operate...once the cameras are gone, so are these big organizations.

As for ANSWERS...there are a lot of answers out there, problem is, they all require a paradigm shift in how people think, work and live. How many people who work in New York could actually do 90 percent of what they do AT HOME? How many people live in houses FAR BIGGER than they need (yes, myself included, but it's hard to find other people to share it with us). Why do so many people in Westchester County drive around in huge gas guzzling monsters? How much energy could be saved if we as a nation moved away from a consumption/consumer driven economy? STATUS, STATUS, STATUS as even the supposed GREEN FOLK drive 200 miles in their Volvo to attend some "make them feel good" seminar where nothing gets accomplished other than fleecing them out of their hard earned dollars. Driving 40 minutes through rush hour traffic to buy a FREE RANGE CHICKEN is not follow through and action! Don't get me started, as the Environmental Movement has lost its soul, and does not even know it.

You want to talk, I am always one to listen, but don't think I am one to quickly become a disciple of some plan I already know will not work. Sending off faxes to Congressmen/women, making phone calls and wringing ones hands is nothing more than wasted, "FEEL GOOD" nothingness. Shutting down Indian Point will take impassioned MASSES, it will take protests, it will take actions that have been seen in the past that just are not there right now, because people are too wrapped up in their ME, ME, ME thinking to make anything more than a token gesture at effecting change.

Am I crazy...I just might be, but I find my own insanity far more pleasant company than spending time with people that want to put band aids on bleeding arteries.


The Chilling Effect on Employs at Entergy...NRC's Part In It.

Years after Chernobyl, entire cities lay vacant, contaminated and dead.
I've just read a chilling, and very disturbing story over on Green Nuclear Butterfly that all those in the ANTI-NUKE movement should read. Despite their 54 page report to Entergy, seems they themselves are CONTRIBUTING to the Chill among employees, and worse, handing down decisions in Alternative Despute Resolutions aimed at silencing the VOICES OF TRUTH just in time for Entergy's attempt to relicense.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Foster V Zeh, Whistle Blower Hammered By The NRC-CHILLING EFFECT AMONG EMPLOYEES at Nuclear Reactor Facilities

Foster V. Zeh should be a hero within the Green Community, groups like Riverkeeper, IPSEC and Greenpeace should have used whatever it took to protect him for coming forward, but that did not happen, he quickly faded out of the limelight, only to have the NRC use him as a symbol to others within the nuclear industry thinking of coming forward to shine light and attention on Indian Point, Entergy....

Check Out "Rock The Reactors"

Though not officially a part of our group, was doing some searching around and came across this very interesting site called, "Rock The Reactors". We highly recommend you give them a look, as they have some seriously wonderful links there that are well worth the browsing time. They also seem to have been a driving force in Betcee...a wonderful creature who posed for pictures in front of the Indian Point Reactors, and who would like to see them closed. Sharing a provocative drawing of her with the reactors borrowed from the site in this piece. Let's just call it, "Indian Point Truths Laid Bare." If the folks at Rock The Reactors stumble across this blog, we would love to add you to our official list of sites, bloggers and grassroots organizations that support closing Indian Point, which has perhaps the most dismal safety record of any currently operating nuclear plant, and perhaps on part with both Three Mile Island and Chernobyl.

EXTRA, EXTRA...Read All About CLIMATE OF FEAR At Indian Point

Not even a mask saved the children of Chernobyl
Thought it appropriate to list some of the newspaper articles that led us to create this Whistle Blowers Blog for the employees of Indian Point, and those of us living as Stake Holders inside the ten mile Triangle of Death as the three reactors of the Indian Point facility have been dubbed. Entergy is spending MILLIONS with one of the biggest public relations firms in the world to sell the NRC and citizens on their wrong relicensing plan. They have wrongfully employed their employees in this campaign, forcing them to write letters to the editor, attend NRC hearings, and make appearences IN FORCE at all events aimed at protesting the failing reactors...they are given perks for participation, and risk punishment and loss of their jobs if they don't...this is just one part of the Gestapo like environment of fear that has gripped the site, and its employees.

Climate of fear at Indian PointNew York Daily News, NY - Dec 22, 2006AP. Some workers at the Indian Point nuclear power plant are reluctant to raise safety concerns because they fear retribution, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission ...

Feds: Indian Point must help workers feel comfortable reporting ...The Journal, NY - Dec 22, 2006BUCHANAN - The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is giving Indian Point 30 days to come up with a plan to make workers at the nuclear plants feel more comfortable ...

New safety initiatives announced for Indian PointMid-Hudson News, NY - Dec 22, 2006Buchanan – Entergy Thursday announced the start of several initiatives at Indian Point in response to a concern expressed in a worker safety-culture survey ...

Indian Point may stifle worker - Dec 22, 200622 Federal regulators say the operator of New York's Indian Point nuclear plant have 30 days to develop a plan for workers scared to raise security concerns. ...

Indian Point nuke plant to address worker complaintsThe Journal, NY - Dec 22, 2006Some workers at Indian Point have complained to federal regulators that the nuclear plant operator stifles employees from bringing up safety issues, and the ...

Rockland politicians push Congress on Indian Point legislationThe Journal, NY - Dec 21, 2006Prompted by recent system breakdowns at Indian Point, Rockland County legislators have requested that federal leaders get moving on two stalled bills that ...

Elsewhere on the Nuclear Front -- Indian PointManufacturers' Blog, DC - Dec 14, 2006... on a Dec. 13th front-page article about the fate of the Indian Point Energy Center in Buchanan, NY, with one observation. It's an ...

Rockland Legislature may seek independent safety review of Indian ...Mid-Hudson News, NY - Dec 16, 2006... the US Senate and House pass a bill requiring the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to conduct an independent safety assessment of the Indian Point nuclear power ...

INDIAN POINT SAFETY 'CHILL'New York Post, NY - Dec 22, 2006AP. December 22, 2006 -- Some workers at the Indian Point nuclear plant are reluctant to raise safety concerns because they fear retribution, the feds said ...

Time to get after Indian Point staffers who muzzle workersThe Journal, NY - Dec 26, 2006Usually when we hear from rank-and-file Indian Point employees, it is to remind us that the nuclear power plans are "safe, secure and vital," with some ...

Ending Employee Fear-Bring Your Safety/Security Concerns To Us

According to a new 54 page report from the NRC, employees at Entergy's Indian Point plant are afraid of retaliation if they bring their safety and security concerns to management! Holy Bat Shit Robin! This is not good, and a perfect example of whistle blowers being bottled up and silenced, even when our lives could be at risk. Seems that management's Gestapo like tactics have scared the masses at the plant into silence, and the NRC has given Entergy just 30 days to fix the problem. Don't look for a miracle pill, as the plants Vice President Fred Dacimo has sent a chilling message in his assessment of the situation:

“Safety is our highest priority. It’s extremely important--and our expectation--that all workers understand their responsibility to raise issues or concerns they may have, but it’s just as important that we maintain an atmosphere that encourages a questioning attitude. Nevertheless, there may be stresses caused in part by our efforts to integrate what were formerly two work sites and changes we’ve made in some long-standing work practices.” Can we say CUTTING CORNERS?

The Fink On Entergy Blog does not feel we should have to wait for 30 days, nor do we feel that Entergy will come up with an acceptable way to fix this problem. Neither do we believe Entergy is sincere in wanting to address this situation, or any problem with Indian Point that could potentially A) interfere with profits, or B) impede their ability to stuff a relicensing of the facility's two reactors down the throats of the community being forced to play host to these two problematic, dangerous reactors and their leaking spent fuel rod storage facilities. Read Dacimo's words's the duty of plant management to have a questioning attitude, as in WE DO NOT BELIEVE YOU.

Based on this disquieting reality, and being a part of the Stakeholder Community, the Fink On Entergy Blog is offering an alternative to employees of Entergy all across America who have safety and security concerns...HAVE THEM PUBLISHED ON OUR BLOG. Our email will be posted on our side bar 24 hours a day seven days a week. If you have a concern, but are afraid of reprisals, let us TAKE THE your concerns, gripes and complaints to us, and they will appear on this site along with our own commentary and articles on the Indian Point site.

We will accept complaints and suspicions from citizens living around Entergy's reactors as well. Did you fail to hear the sirens, or perhaps you did not get your copy of the flawed and non-workable Evacuation Plan...LET US KNOW. It is time to remove the dark, sinister shroud of secrecy, and expose Entergy and specifically Indian Point for what they/it is. With your help, we can defeat Entergy's Relicensing Juggernaut, show their puppets (Mayor Rudi Guiliani) for who they are, and close the failing facilities down.

Email us now: