Thursday, December 28, 2006

Ending Employee Fear-Bring Your Safety/Security Concerns To Us

According to a new 54 page report from the NRC, employees at Entergy's Indian Point plant are afraid of retaliation if they bring their safety and security concerns to management! Holy Bat Shit Robin! This is not good, and a perfect example of whistle blowers being bottled up and silenced, even when our lives could be at risk. Seems that management's Gestapo like tactics have scared the masses at the plant into silence, and the NRC has given Entergy just 30 days to fix the problem. Don't look for a miracle pill, as the plants Vice President Fred Dacimo has sent a chilling message in his assessment of the situation:

“Safety is our highest priority. It’s extremely important--and our expectation--that all workers understand their responsibility to raise issues or concerns they may have, but it’s just as important that we maintain an atmosphere that encourages a questioning attitude. Nevertheless, there may be stresses caused in part by our efforts to integrate what were formerly two work sites and changes we’ve made in some long-standing work practices.” Can we say CUTTING CORNERS?

The Fink On Entergy Blog does not feel we should have to wait for 30 days, nor do we feel that Entergy will come up with an acceptable way to fix this problem. Neither do we believe Entergy is sincere in wanting to address this situation, or any problem with Indian Point that could potentially A) interfere with profits, or B) impede their ability to stuff a relicensing of the facility's two reactors down the throats of the community being forced to play host to these two problematic, dangerous reactors and their leaking spent fuel rod storage facilities. Read Dacimo's words's the duty of plant management to have a questioning attitude, as in WE DO NOT BELIEVE YOU.

Based on this disquieting reality, and being a part of the Stakeholder Community, the Fink On Entergy Blog is offering an alternative to employees of Entergy all across America who have safety and security concerns...HAVE THEM PUBLISHED ON OUR BLOG. Our email will be posted on our side bar 24 hours a day seven days a week. If you have a concern, but are afraid of reprisals, let us TAKE THE your concerns, gripes and complaints to us, and they will appear on this site along with our own commentary and articles on the Indian Point site.

We will accept complaints and suspicions from citizens living around Entergy's reactors as well. Did you fail to hear the sirens, or perhaps you did not get your copy of the flawed and non-workable Evacuation Plan...LET US KNOW. It is time to remove the dark, sinister shroud of secrecy, and expose Entergy and specifically Indian Point for what they/it is. With your help, we can defeat Entergy's Relicensing Juggernaut, show their puppets (Mayor Rudi Guiliani) for who they are, and close the failing facilities down.

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