Saturday, December 30, 2006

From Green Nuclear Butterfly...Entergy and NuStart Trying to STEAL Green Movement

This should surprise me, but it does not...seems that the evil demon spawn with the Nuclear Industry have realized their aging and decrepit fleet of Holocaustic Style Nuclear Reactors are the sign of a dying industry, and they want to give it a rebirth, a new green born again set of Christian Reactors if you will. How do they plan to accomplish this? STEAL THE MANTLE of Environmentally and Green from the grassroots, and claim it as their own, exchange No Nukes for no CO2...after all, what are a few meltdowns and nuclear proliferation when compared to Global far, it's working too, as they have gotten the Republican Congress to give them almost one quarter of a BILLION DOLLARS to research NEW REACTORS...another perfect example of our tax dollars propping up the industry.

To Defeat Your Enemy, Become Your Enemy... How Nuclear Industry is Trying To Steal GREEN MOVEMENT

Nuclear Plants...A Modern Day Holocaust Waiting To Happen... Could Your Community Be One of The Chosen Ones?

The 100 plus Nuclear Reactors in America are all old, aging, even decaying relics from a failed and dying industry, and Corporate Nuclear Energy Titans intend to change that by seeing the Nuclear Age here in America experience a renaissance. To accomplish this miracle though, they need the world's largest propaganda campaign to sell a dubious and skeptical public, especially in those communities they have targeted as the NEW HOSTS of these planned New Age Reactors...too do this, they have devised one of the most sinister plots since Hitler's Third Reich...they want to STEAL THE GREEN MOVEMENT and make it their own, all the while getting citizens to pay for it through MASSIVE subsidies compliments of our government and elected officials.

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